Celebrating John D’Agostino’s 20th Anniversary!

???????????????????????????????Today we celebrated John D’Agostino’s 20th anniversary.  He joined Santora CPA Group on August 8, 1994 as a senior accountant.

During his 20 years, besides being an integral part of our A&A department and selflessly volunteering his time and talent to many worthy causes, John earned his Masters Degree in Taxation from Widener University in 1996, and he worked his way up our corporate ladder, quickly being promoted to in-charge accountant, then manager, and finally, he became a partner in July 2003.

John was surprised during a scheduling meeting as the rest of the team snuck in with cupcakes in the shape of a “20″ (provided by Cupcake Heaven) as well as “coupons” for a trip for him and his wife to New York City – a train ride up and back, dinner, a Broadway show, and a hotel for the night!  He expressed his appreciation for the surprise and the fact that he has a wonderful place to come every day and a wonderful team to work with.???????????????????????????????

Thank you, John, for being a great leader and making Santora CPA Group a great place to work!