Construction Industry Advisor – Spring 2017

Spring2017_Page_1Construction Industry Advisor – Spring 2017

Succession Planning – Look at Things From a Surety’s Perspective

In developing a succession plan, it’s important for contractors to consider the objectives and needs of company owners as well as their family members. But it’s equally important to examine the plan from a surety’s perspective. This article poses a variety of questions that a bonding provider will likely ask about a succession plan. A sidebar looks at the potential role of an employee stock ownership plan.

The WIP is Good: A Valuable Management Tool

To see the road ahead, and any hazards that may be coming up, contractors need to generate regular work-in-progress (WIP) reports for every job. This article names some of the key data points that every WIP report should contain and explores the many benefits of tracking this information.

Is a Joint Venture the Right Choice for Your Company?

For construction companies, joint ventures can provide great opportunities under the right circumstances. But a contractor may be better off walking away from getting involved in one of these arrangements if the risks are too great. This article looks at both the potential advantages and inherent dangers of joint ventures.

Sec. 199 Deduction Looking Better for Contractors

For many years now, contractors have been advised to look into the Section 199 tax deduction for “domestic production activities.” A recent IRS Technical Advice Memorandum addressed this tax break, clarifying the rules in a way that might benefit some construction companies. This article explores this positive development.

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